Visit the city of Preveza

Visit the capital city of Preveza

Discover the historical centre with their architectural diversity. The cobbled alley of Seitan Bazaar with its traditional “ouzeri” (ouzo serving places) is a famous area in the town. Along the paved harbour, which affords a view of the Ambracian Gulf, and in the nearby narrow alleys there are excellent traditional tavernas and ouzeris where the visitor can enjoy the local specialties and fresh fish, or simply have a coffee at one of the many tasteful cafes along the waterfront. For those who have a passion for history and antiquity, Preveza offers the unique experience of a tour within Ancient Nicopolis with its basilicas, the famous mosaics which attest to the grandour of a glorious city that thrived up to the tenth/eleventh century, the ancient theatre, the well-preserved stadium and the Monument of Augustus, while the new Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis hosts a fascinating treasure of archeological finds.

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Enetic Tower Preveza

Castle Pantokratoras Preveza

Kiani Akti Preveza